IMG_4134SWG is proud to offer a range of practical programs for varied audiences, Whether you are a coach, an athlete or even someone who is deeply passionate about sports; we know how to take you to the next level. We bring in only the best facilitators who are experts and experienced in sports to give you holistic and challenging programs to further develop you into the sportsperson you desire to be.

Here are some of our programs :

1. Sports Leadership Empowerment (SLE) Program (Modular Session)

To develop sports community especially athletes and coaches to be the leaders of national sports. It’s meant to ignite the spirit of pride, passion and love in supporting the nation’s sports. This program accomplishes its objectives by conducting sports and experiential leadership training & team building activities that will instill leadership towards the greater national patriotism.

2. Certifications (3 modules / 6 days over 3 – 6 months)

a. Sports Leadership for Coaches 

b. Sports Excellence for Athletes

This structured program is accredited by ITOL, UK and serves to professionally equip athletes in areas of of personal mastery, communication skills, life planning, financial management and intrinsic motivation and for coaches in the areas of interpersonal skills, leadership excellence, life planning, financial management and athletes development.

3. Sports Camp (2 – 3 days off-site)

This will give opportunity for sports enthusiasts to be together in mastering their own specific sport and develop their knowledge on it. The camp is also a platform for them to ignite the national team spirit and build the spirit of unity.

4. Personal Mastery for Athletes (2 days off-site)

This program helps athletes to enhance self management, develop their life success plan, learn practical steps to adopt a proactive approach, optimize resources and be self-driven to achieve excellence.

5. Speaking with Confidence for Athletes & Coaches (Modular sessions)

Communication is an important tool in success of sports and to portray professionalism. To be able to transfer knowledge and get attention from others, we teach techniques and know how to speak to sports community and the media.

6. Sports Profiler Inventory (SPI) Certification

This accreditation program helps sports administrators and coaches to be trained and certified to use SPI professionally and effectively, to design well balance training and structure blueprints to develop their athletes for elite performance based on the insights of the strengths of top elite athletes vs the profiled athlete.